Spending Shabbat in Safed

Spending Shabbat in Safed at Old City Stones

Spending Shabbat in Safed

We suggest visitors Spending Shabbat in Safed to plan accordingly for their meals as all restaurants with the exception of the major hotels are closed during Shabbat and holidays. Most home or takeout catering, hotels, and restaurants are located in the heart of the Old City of Safed (Tzfat). Some establishments will deliver Food for Shabbat Please pay attention to deadlines to avoid disappointment when ordering Food for Shabbat. All phone numbers listed are local phone numbers where guests need to first dial for example, "052". If using an International Cell provider guests need to first dial "972" then dropping the "0".

On Shabbat (Friday about two hours before Shabbat and until Saturday about 1 hour after Shabbat), every business shuts down for the holy day of rest. This may be inconvenient for those visiting Safed or those looking for a bite to eat. The existence of no traffic on the streets of the Old City of Safed creates a meditative and spiritual surroundings through which joyful Hasidic natural music mincing the sound of angel echos behind the walls of hidden Synagogues and unseen dining rooms thought the Old City of Tzfat. During Shabbat and holidays observant Jews will not consent to have their photograph taken since taking a photograph is considered work according to Jewish law.

Today a center piece of Jewish Friday evening services in Tzfat and throughout Israel have adopted the Shabbat greeting song Lecha Dodi that was first founded by a Safed kabbalist, rabbi, and poet Shlomo Halevi Alkabetz who defined Shabbat as a bride and inspires the worshipers to go and greet her.

During your visit to Tzfat, if you get invited to spend Shabbat with any of the Tzfat locals, Shabbat in Safed it can be a very memorable experience. Also, try to attend the services at the different synagogues in the Old City of Tzfat. 


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This place is in a very central location for those interested in the Old City of Tzfat. One downside if you bring a personal vehicle is that there isn't any free parking nearby, from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. ...


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