Top 5 Photography Tips During Your Visit to Old CIty Safed

Whats more fun and exciting then to capture Old City Safed from behind the lens of the

Ancient Artist Quarter Architecture, Ancient Synagogues, Mikveh's, and Amazing Landscapes, Historic Landmarks that are located

throughout the Artists and Jewish Quarters. Here are some amazing photography tips that will provide you with the best photo opportunities

to capture Old City Safed from behind the lens.


  • Get up early around 7:00 AM in the morning before the crowds and buses arrive.
  • search for an area of interest that will capture the heart, mind, and soul through the lens.
  • Use your imagination.
  • Capture images of the locals during their daily actives like walking to the synagogue.
  • Find a niche that would inspire others such as, Artist Quarter Architecture, Historic landmarks

You can find an accommodation that is located in the heart of Old City Safed to use as your base.


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