Artists Quarter

The Artists' Quarter is situated just south of the Old Jewish Quarter (Synagogue Quarter). One of the main attractions of the Artists' Quarter is the Great Stairs also known as the Stairway to Heaven by local kabbalists that stretches from Jerusalem Street to Keren HaYesod Street, the border that separates the Jewish and Artists' Quarters of the old city of Tzfat.

The Artists' Quarter boom began just after 1948 war of independence when at the time no public funded art galleries existed in Israel. To make the Artist Quarter more attractive and persuade Artists' to live in Tzfat, the State of Israel provided incentives to any Artist willing to live in Tzfat for at least 180 days a year would be provided a free house and gallery.

Artists' throughout the land of milk and honey were attracted by Tzfat's picturesque landscapes and ancient narrow cobblestone alleys made of Jerusalem stone. Some local artists' in Tzfat are inspired by kabbalah and spectacular landscapes around the old city of Tzfat where they could host expeditions for art lovers from around the world. The Artist Quarter is now considered a breakthrough for the Center of Kabbalah and the city of mysticism for artists' who have created art behind the walls and narrow cobblestone alleys of the Ancient City of Tzfat.

Today the Artists' Quarter of Tzfat have even gained popularity from professional landscape and street photographers who are inspired by the spectacular landscapes and cobbled alleys of the old city of Tzfat. Some photographers have even ventured off into creating Jewish inspirational photo art photography calendars that capture the picturesque landscapes and cobblestone alleys from behind the lens.

A visit to the Artist' Quarter of Tzfat would not be complete without taking a walking tour exploring the narrow alleyways of the Artist’s Quarter and meeting the local artists in person. Visitors will first notice the Artists' General Exhibition replaced a mosque that was part of the Arab Quarter.

Then Art lovers can head out and explore the various art studios and galleries that align the alleyways between Tet Vav and Tet Zayin Streets. Some are the local artists worth mentioning with Kabbalistic themes that has influenced their work are Avraham Lowethal (Kabbalah Art Gallery) on Tet Vav St, David Friedman (Kosmic Kabbalah Art) Bar-Yochai Street, Sheva Chaya (Kabbalah Art and Glassblower), on Arlozorov Street, across the street from the general exhibition, Josh Burde  (Kabbalah Handcrafted Silver & Gold Jewelry) on Simtat Alsheic Street, Daniel Flatauer (Pottery Judaica Artist) on Yud Aluf, in the main art gallery on Beit Yosef street, Orna and Yair Mor (Hand Weaved - Canaan Gallery), and Yair Moshe (Yair Gallery -Micro Biblical Calligraphy Art). 

All seven would be more than happy to discuss how Kabbalah had an influence on their work.

Hours of most of the Art Galleries within the Artists' Quarter Open hours are generally open during normal business hours during the tourist season April - Oct and have limited hours during the winter months.

The Artists' Quarter adopted the charm and character from the traditional architecture and winding narrow cobblestone streets. What remains left from the Old Arab Quarter is the 13th century Red Mosque built by Sultan Beybars after chasing the Medieval Crusaders from Tzfat. The building today features a brilliant entrance.


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